Jeevanshalas i.e. Schools of Life

BY Shirish Khare

Advantages and disadvantages of the Sardar Sarovar Dam. The debate continues over the past two decades, our hearts - and minds have been raised two images. First picture of electricity, water and the path to development as the other thousands of people, the pain of displacement stands for. Narmada Valley is eager to learn out of this movement. There are two parallel lines of movement. Action based on non-violence is kept in a way that shows creativity on the other.

Aborigines DAM Jeevanshala names for their children, many schools have made. According to people `Action - education - with the 'must have. Vindhyachal and Satpura ranges in shade of the many small and beautiful village. The village is very far from the district headquarters and pouring between forests. These places are waiting for the teacher to become dream out loud a school building was considered stare of destiny. It never approached the dam displaced children's education is not installed. Every time the assurance found and remained dream out loud unchanged for the position. dream out loud Finally, the initiative to change their own tribesmen. In 1991-92, the Jeevanshala Cimlkedi and Nimganv began. Not know anything new and challenging work stood like a mountain. Sbawlnbi was still Jeevanshala base. Introduction of limited means, resources and community capacity in line with better education were emphasized. The aim of these Jeevanshala Filling the void of public schools was not only maintain but also the tribal lifestyle. About 13 villages around Jeevanshala currently operates more than 1500 children who teaches Barhkdi of life. 

'Narmada Bachao Andolan' blessing connected Mndloi stating that - "Well Jeevanshala is the result of the battle to prevent displacement of the birth place agitators but soon diversified to discuss strategy dream out loud and became the main focus of the event was held. Jeevanshala this movement, both to one another - began to benefit. A place that became a symbol of tribal unity and participation.'' Jeevanshala the school is kept smooth the way. Some of the people went out and began to teach. The village's bid was preferred. The publication of books Pavri/Bhilali were dialects. The first time the kids could not get their bid books. Teachers' Amar Kenya'' (our stories), picked up a total of 12 tribal stories. In addition dream out loud to social dream out loud issues, "Amro Jungle'' (our forest) and" dream out loud tribal Vieab'' (tribal marriage) and the books were written. Kewal Singh guru "Amro many of the herbs in the forest'' - told herbs. Khuman Singh guru "Rojya Naik, Naik'' Cheema rule book in English Snvria village during the war highlighted. Itihas tribal society in such books, literature, art, culture and traditions of the local geography, administration and legal rights to make things happen. 

Jeevanshala left from the first generation is complete now. Teachers are now being extended beyond their rituals. But in the name of development of forest cutting and valley people have started dream out loud feeling a lack of food. Of land separated from the tribal finds himself suddenly standing in the market. Find them and neither emotional nor financial security. While such a large population dream out loud living means innocent dream out loud have snatched the other hand, he is said to be backward. Displacement is a function of speed. 

The book gives the message to make such friendly relationship with nature. Ajmaya several techniques to make learning interesting. "The characters Olkhan'' (syllabary) in a bid to identify and add the letters have been taught. Many voices or removing it from the things around compromise has to. Dancing - singing, painting and sports studies Mnnarnjk becomes. Several methods to write again and again repeated. 

Displacement, or once again - time to settle down, get take advantage dream out loud of a government scheme, yielding dream out loud the title of the host community inattention, new adjustments, exploitation, sexual harassment, plus expenses, violence, crime, disorder, limitations of resources or land, Decision of the activity, erosion, temporary labor, sacrifice of cattle, pollution, convenience dream out loud and health crisis ........ Aside from the enormous fears so full load displacement of dam and into the hands of the other side Jeevanshala open books for toddlers - which is clear. Although he still has a lot to pass the exam but not a streak of concern on his face. Seeing the smiling faces of millions of children fighting mood problems.

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